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If you like music and have it stored or streamed on a computer, a USB DAC will sound a lot better than the analog output of your computer. The Henry Audio USB DAC 128 is developed by an online group of enthusiasts and sold by the Norwegian company Henry Audio. It is a High Fidelity Digital-to-Analog converter with surprisingly good sound for its price. Just see our reviews.

The Henry Audio USB DAC 128 is an Open Source Design. It will sound great just out of the box. But those so inclined are invited to continue developing it and sharing their discoveries. The Henry Audio USB DAC 128 is identical to the QNKTC AB-1.2. Only the logo has changed. Everything you read about the QNKTC AB-1.2 also applies to the Henry Audio USB DAC 128.

The USB DAC 128 has analog RCA outputs. Pair it with your favorite headphone amplifier or home stereo. It supports asynchronous USB Audio and sample rates up to 192kHz on Mac, Windows and Linux.



People are saying great things about our product

“The USB DAC 128 is top of its class”

“Put simply, if you’re in the market for a DAC, I would advise you to place the DAC 128 at the top of your must-hear list.”

“The sound is smooth, spacious and well textured, and this is completely unexpected given its very modest price.”

“You get the sense of a crisp autumn morning with brilliant sunshine throwing everything into sharp relief.”

“The Q DAC pushed the track into the room with fantastic top end and mid range transparency...”

“I haven’t heard a DAC even triple its price that comes close”

"It has the sort of presentation that one associates with high end converters."

"It resolves low level detail uncannily well and makes all manner of recordings sound good."

En teknisk artikkel om prosjektet som ligger bak AB-1.2. Det er også et bilde fra lab’en og en god forklaring på asynkron USB. Bildet viser et reelt debug-signal fra firmware i DAC’ens prosessor.

“I bruk er konverteren en fest.”

“Fantastisk lydkvalitet til en utrolig lav pris. Mer er det nesten ikke å si. Bortsett fra ‘løp og kjøp.”

“Den låter luftig, detaljert og dynamisk. Det er lett å plassere instrumenter i lydbildet, og det hele låter rett og slett veldig naturlig, åpent og avslappet. Utvilsomt et meget godt kjøp!”

“Tett, veldefinert bass, nøytral klangkarakter, veloppløst og detaljert uten tegn til skarphet. Kjapp, dynamisk spillestil.”


The Henry Audio USB DAC 128 is sold with the help of PayPal. The Henry Audio website will not see or store your credit card number. Shipping to Europe, the US and Canada is included in the $170 price. Norwegian customers must use the NOK 1200,- inkl.mva. option. Orders to all other destinations (Russia, Asia, South America and Oceania) must select $220 shipment with tracking. Please use the contact information at the bottom of this page if you have any questions, or if PayPal is inconvenient for you.

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The Fact Sheet has a user manual and all the technical details about the USB DAC 128. It even includes the Open Source schematics for the complete design.

All Windows users are recommended to download and install the driver. High resolution playback uses the included Open Source Windows ASIO driver.

The USB DAC 128 is out there in the open! This page will give you a lot more information on web communities and the Open Source development of the DAC.

It is important that you feel safe whenever you decide to purchase a Henry Audio product. Please use this link to read about all Terms & Conditions, Return & Refund, and Privacy & Shipping.

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