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DAC sounds good!

Of course you like music, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this page. You have probably downloaded a lot of music on your PC or Mac, or you use streaming services.

All this digital music which you either stream or store can sound incredibly alive, spirited and dramatic, far removed from the flat and lifeless sound you get directly from a PC. Butin order to make the music you play just as convincing, delicious and dynamic as the band, producer and composer had in mind, you will need a USB DAC.

One from Henry Audio. The little box which reproduces the digital music collection into fantastic sound, bringing forth your inner air guitarist, conductor or drummer, and makes digital music sound more alive than you have ever heard it. Guaranteed!

Henry Audio’s little USB DAC 128 Mk 3 is created by music lovers with one goal in ear; to make it as easy and affordable as possible to give you a sound quality which will make you pinch yourself, as several of the world’s most experienced HiFi and audio professionals already have. By giving the digital audio files a solid vitamin injection of the most explosive kind. Hear your music like it was meant to sound and get a huge dose of enthusiasm and revived music interest as part of the bargain!

Music wasn’t this fun since you bought your first stereo kit, and it doesn’t cost much to get that feeling again.

This is why we say „DAC sounds good“

Forbes recommend Henry Audio for Hi-Res music. Read the complete new review of the Mk 3!

"Add Hi-Res Music To Your Stereo At An Affordable Price."

HiFi Plus calls Henry Audio USB DAC 128 mkII a bargain! Read the whole test.

"I never thought I’d use the B-word in audio, but this really is a bargain!"

Linux Voice write about Linux and open source. They have tested Henry Audio USB DAC 128 mkII. 5/5 stars.

"It may seem like a luxury, but if you listen to anything other than MP3 and you’ve got a decent amplifier, it’s definitely worth the investment."

Inearspace have written a comprihensive test of the USB DAC 128 mkII.

"When bass is called upon it was big, powerful too. Not in an overly warm signature strangely enough, it just had big bass. It was imposing; I knew the Henry had arrived."

HiFi Critic is the most conservative and thorough publication in the industry. I'm very proud they recommend the USB DAC 128 mkII. The best part is that Chris Bryant even used it for a little bit of DIY.

"Conceptually interesting, Henry Audio’s USB DAC 128 mkII is also one of the best USB DACs I’ve tried."

... and many, many more!

No secrets!

The Henry Audio USB 128 Mk3 is a unique Open Source Hi-Fi product. It hides no element of the music - completely without secrets.
USB DAC 128 Mk 3 exploded view


The Fact Sheet has a user manual and all the technical details about the USB DAC 128 Mk 3. It even includes the Open Source schematics for the complete design.

The USB DAC 128 Mk 3 is out there in the open! This page will give you a lot more information on web communities and the Open Source development of the DAC.

It is important that you feel safe whenever you decide to purchase a Henry Audio product. Please use this link to read about all Terms & Conditions, Return & Refund, and Privacy & Shipping.

USB DAC 128 Mk 3 rear

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