This website is owned and operated by the Norwegian company Henry Audio (formerly known as QNKTC) under Norwegian company registration number "986 023 739 MVA". For contact information please see below.


This privacy policy contains information about which information we collect from website users, and how we apply it.

At Henry Audio our goal is to treat all personal information with respect and caution. Based on functionality and user experience we collect information from visitors to our websites. This information is used to optimize the contents on our websites, study user patterns and adapt targeted marketing. In order to do this we use cookies. You can read more about cookies below.


Henry Audio utilizes cookies. By using our website you accept that we can set them in your browser.

Cookies are a standard internet technology which most websites apply. A cookie is stored in your browser's memory and lets us understand how you use the websites. In the long term we use this knowledge to offer you a better experience on later visits to the websites.

Most modern browsers, like Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc., are configured to automatically accept cookies. If you do not accept cookies, you must choose to change the settings in your browser. Please note that such a setting may prevent several websites from functioning optimally.

Our websites use the following cookies and information exchanges:

Source: Henry Audio
Purpose: Optimize website content, execute A/B tests, manage website use.
Henry Audio uses: session variable and cookies prefixed with the text "HenryAudio".

Source: Google Analytics
Purpose: Gather information on how visitors use our websites. We use this information to generate reports which are employed to improve the websites. The cookies anonymize all information. This means it only says how many people have visited the websites, where they come from and which pages they visit.
Google cookies: _unam, _utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmt, _utmz, _ga, gat, remarketing lists. Data is automatically deleted in Google Analytics after 26 months. Read more about the different Google cookies. For more information please read Safeguarding your data by Google. You may click to opt-out of Google Analytics. Even if you opt out you may see the occational Henry Audio advert.

Source: Facebook
Purpose: Gather information about visitors in order to optimize Facebook marketing
Cookies: Facebook Pixel, Facebook Connect, Facebook Custom Audience, Facebook Lookalike Audience. Read more about these at Facebook.


By signing on to our newsletter you agree that we store your name, country and email address. We use this to send out relevant information in relevant languages. We may use third-party email distribution services. This means the distributed information, along with your name, country and email address may be stored by thirdy-party email providers trusted by Henry Audio.

Website statistics

In order to optimize and develop our websites, we collect necessary information about your visits to Henry Audio websites. This may include information about your web browser, operating system, screen size, computer and visit duration. This information is stored with third parties like Google Analytics, and will remain stored there for the period specified by these services. Such information is used for internal optimization of the web sites by Henry Audio staff or consultants. It is otherwise not shared or made accessible.

Any visit to our web pages will also be logged on our servers and include information about IP-address, browser, operating system, use, navigation, language etc. This information is used for error correction and website improvements. It is otherwise not shared or made accessible. Logs are deleted after one year.


We have placed cookies from, among others, Facebook and Google on our web sites, and use these in order to adapt and distribute advertisements and offers. This may lead to you seeing targeted advertising from us, based on aggregated data from your visiting statistics.

Email communication

All email sent to and from Henry Audio is distributed and stored in Google's Gmail service.


After a purchase we will record your name, shipping address and email address in. We will mail you to inform you about your purchase, shipping status etc. After a purchase we may email you about future product offers. Henry Audio stores all purchase information in internal systems and Google's Gmail service. Purchase information is not externally accessible. Your credit card number is never stored by any Henry Audio system. Purchase information is uploaded to Facebook and hashed (anonymized) there, and to Google in anonymized form. The purpose is to generate statistical information used to identify potential future customers and target advertising for them.

Responsible data processor

The CEO of Henry Audio holds the responsibility for treating collected personal information. He or she is responsible for internal controls regarding personal information, and for the reporting and correction of any discrepancies with respect to legal requirements.

Return & Refund

Returns and Refunds are handled according to Norwegian consumer protection law. You are entitled to cancel a purchase for 14 days after receiving an item. If you choose to do so, your purchase cost and reasonable return shipping expenses will be covered by Henry Audio. In order to cancel a purchase you must first contact Henry Audio at borge@henryaudio.com before making any other return claims. The returned item must be in undamaged condition and contained in its original packaging. Any return of funds will take place after the returned item's condition has been checked by Henry Audio. To date, Henry Audio's return rate is less than one in three hundred.


Each item sold on this website carries a two year limited warranty from the date you receive it. We guarantee that the item will function for two years in the same manner as it does when you receive it. The warranty applies to items used in a reasonable manner. Unexpected events (like the host computer or Hi-Fi system connected to the item being damaged from thunder or overvoltage) are not covered by the warranty. Any claims must be made directly to borge@henryaudio.com. We reserve the right to request on-site repairs such as a firmware update before accepting a return. We encourage you to study and modify the items sold on this website. However, only unaltered items are covered by the warranty. But if your item fails due to modifications or tinkering, rest assured that we will try to give you the help and support needed to fix it. The items on this web site are developed by geeks and we want to keep the spirit alive!

Terms & Conditions

The terms of purchase are simple. You click an "Order Now" button or "International" according to your region. That takes you to PayPal, Klarna or another paymetn service, where their terms apply. After payment is registered, your item ships in 1-3 working days. If you select the wrong region, your payment may be refunded instead of the item being shipped. In the rare event that the item is sold out, you will be given a choice between an immediate refund or waiting until a set date for the item to ship. PayPal, Klarna or our other payment providers may or may not be your payment method of choice. If you do prefer other means, that is usually not a problem. Just send an email to borge@henryaudio.com.


Shipping is primarily done by ordinary mail. See Posten.no. To Europe and North America the item cost includes standard shipping without tracking. Shipping normally takes 3-12 working days. To all other regions (including Russia) the item cost is increased in order to include shipping with a tracking number. You may request shipping with a tracking number to Europe and North America as well. The increased cost for shipping with a tracking number is USD50 / NOK300 / EUR 40 / SEK350 / DKK300 / GBP30. Contact Henry Audio if you have other shipping preferences (like a courier account).

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