The Norwegian company Henry Audio (formerly known as QNKTC) is owned and operated by Børge Strand-Bergesen under Norwegian company registration number "986 023 739 MVA". For contact information please see below.


Your privacy is reasonably safe with this website. Your name and payment information are never stored by the Henry Audio website. All of that is handled by PayPal. Henry Audio only receives an email from PayPal with your contact information after the payment is made. And after that you will receive a confirmation email directly from Henry Audio.

This website will store a cookie with what it believes is the country where you reside and how often you have visited. You may click to delete Henry Audio cookies. With the cookies deleted, the website will redirect you to the international version.

Henry Audio uses a Facebook tracking pixel and Google services like Display Advertising, AdWords, Analytics and Merchant Center. This means Google will use a cookie to know when somebody has visited the website. This mechanism is anonymized. Using this cookie, Google may present advertisements to you through a mechanism called Remarketing. And Henry Audio will be able to learn more about how a sale develops. We do this because we want to sell you our products. If you are not comfortable with this there are multiple options. For more information please read Safeguarding your data by Google. You may click to opt-out of Google Analytics. Even if you do opt-out, you may still see the odd Henry Audio advertisement. That is simply because we place ads a bit here and there, and should no longer be because of the Google cookie.

Return & Refund

Returns and Refunds are handled according to Norwegian consumer protection law. You are entitled to cancel a purchase for 14 days after receiving an item. If you choose to do so, your purchase cost and reasonable return shipping expenses will be covered by Henry Audio. In order to cancel a purchase you must first contact Henry Audio at before making any other return claims. The returned item must be in undamaged condition and contained in its original packaging. Any return of funds will take place after the returned item's condition has been checked by Henry Audio. To date, Henry Audio's return rate is less than one in three hundred.


Each item sold on this website carries a two year limited warranty from the date you receive it. We guarantee that the item will function for two years in the same manner as it does when you receive it. The warranty applies to items used in a reasonable manner. Unexpected events (like the host computer or Hi-Fi system connected to the item being damaged from thunder or overvoltage) are not covered by the warranty. Any claims must be made directly to We reserve the right to request on-site repairs such as a firmware update before accepting a return. We encourage you to study and modify the items sold on this website. However, only unaltered items are covered by the warranty. But if your item fails due to modifications or tinkering, rest assured that we will try to give you the help and support needed to fix it. The items on this web site are developed by geeks and we want to keep the spirit alive!

Terms & Conditions

The terms of purchase are simple. You click an "Order Now" button or "International" according to your region. That takes you to PayPal, where their terms apply. After payment is registered, your item ships in 1-3 working days. If you select the wrong region, your payment may be refunded instead of the item being shipped. In the rare event that the item is sold out, you will be given a choice between an immediate refund or waiting until a set date for the item to ship. PayPal may or may not be your payment method of choice. If you do prefer other means, that is usually not a problem. Just send an email to


Shipping is primarily done by ordinary mail. See To Europe and North America the item cost includes standard shipping without tracking. Shipping normally takes 3-10 working days. To all other regions (including Russia) the item cost is increased in order to include shipping with a tracking number. You may request shipping with a tracking number to Europe and North America as well. The increased cost for shipping with a tracking number is USD50 / NOK300 / EUR 40 / SEK350 / DKK300 / GBP30. Contact Henry Audio if you have other shipping preferences (like a courier account).

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