Listening to Tidal Masters

It is easy to listen to Tidal Masters recordings with Henry Audio. You will enjoy a resolution much higher than CDs, typically at 96ksps.

On Windows you should follow these stages:

1 - Download and install the ASIO driver
You should answer Yes and OK to the few questions that come up.

2 - Toggle your Henry Audio USB DAC to USB Audio Class 2 mode
You want a red front light. If you don't have that you should:

  • Press and hold the rear Prog button until the front light becomes red and then goes dark
  • Release Prog
  • Click the rear Reset button

Your Henry Audio USB DAC is now only visible from the ASIO driver and NOT as a Windows audio device.
To make it visible by all Windows programs again, simply toggle back to a green front light and USB Audio Class 1 by the same button combination.

3 - Download and install Hi-Fi Cable & ASIO Bridge (Donationware)
The virtual audio driver captures music from Windows and forwards with ASIO. (The main site is

4 - Start VB-Audio ASIO Bridge
It must run all the time in order to send music to a Henry Audio USB DAC with a red front light. Click on "ASIO Device" and select "ASIO USB Audio Class 2 Driver". Click the center button so that it says "ASIO ON":

5 - Run the Tidal app on your Windows computer
Then you must set Tidal up to use ASIO Bridge. Do as follows:

  • Click on File and Settings
  • In the Settings window choose Streaming
  • Select HiFi/Master and Hi-Fi Cable Input
  • Find the little wheel next to Hi-Fi Cable and click on it
  • Select Exclusive Mode and Force volume
  • Close settings

You are now ready to enjoy Tidal Master recordings on your Henry Audio USB DAC! Just remember that VB-Audio ASIO Bridge must run alongside Tidal.

You may also use the ASIO driver to listen to hi-res material in players such as foobar2000 and JRiver Media Center. When you do that you must close down VB-Audio ASIO Bridge or select ASIO OFF.

This is what it should look like:

Tidal File Settings Tidal Streaming Master Hi-Fi Cable Settings Tidal Exclusive Force Volume ASIO Bridge ASIO ON USB Audio Class 2

Design & code by Found.

Photography by Dag Dalvang